Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smaller Cheaper Tablets are Turning Heads

In today's economy, saving money while maintaining an enjoyable life style is a very hard goal to achieve. Today, more people than ever before are switching to cheaper tablets instead of buying an iPad. The cheapest version of the new iPad 2 is $499, the price of a 32 LCD TV and the price of two PC laptops. In the last year, the Android tablets grew from 2% to 27% of the total tablet market. The iPad and the Android tablets can be substitutes, but it can also be viewed as a luxury good to an inferior good. The abilities of the two are eerily similar and the only difference with the iPad is the brand name. The main obstacle for people new to Androids is the complexity of the operating system and the touch screens are not as advanced as Apple's. The amount of apps in the Google Android Market is rapidly increasing and the Android tablets sure have made a dent in the sales of the iPad2. This upcoming holiday season will be a good indicator of how big an effect a cheaper substitute has on another.

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