Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

There has always been a big controversy on whether or not student athlets should get paid or not! Although the students are in an educational enviroment and are in reality should be playing sports on the side; the reality is that students who are p-laying sports in college are there to the play that sport and try to go pro. The players take the easiest courses, just so that they can focus on their sports. The argument comes into play, when people say that they should get paid. The athletes are the faces of the school and draw huge revenue for the school. Most of them are taking cuts from sposnors and other people on the side, so why shouldn't they just get paid? People say that it is against moral values, and that it is suppose to be an educational enviroment. The same thing is said for high school athletes but noone thinks about paying them, people say. I beleive that college players should be paid a small sum of the revenue that they helped the school to gain. But if the schools do start to pay them, when will people start saying that high school players should get paid. All in all, the players are the main source of the revenue for the school, and they should get some kind of payoff for it; whether it be full rides for all athletes, or paying off their college debts when they finish colleges. Colleges need to see this fact and fix it quick or else the NCAA may take a turn for the worst.


RidaBaharia said...

I completely agree with you Cameron. Athletes that end up playing in college generally are the people that attract people to the school a lot of the times. These athletes work just as hard as professional athletes and make slim to none. I believe that the athletes should make some sort of revenue off of the fact that they work hard and play sports and practice most of the week. They're dedicated and want to grow in the field. So why not give them an incentive to work harder and play better for pay?

Matt said...

College athletes, in my opinion, are already getting paid. Their tuition is paid for them by the school and they receive products and merchandise from the school. When they get hurt, the school helps them get better. They are getting "paid" but they don't really see it. I do think that maybe they should be paid weekly for like groceries and other necessities, but there is no guarantee that that is what they are going to spend it on.