Monday, November 7, 2011

Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire, better alternative than iPad?

The new releases of the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire may give the iPad a run for its money. The Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are soon to be released tablets starting at 249$ and 199$, meanwhile the iPad starts at 499$. This creates an incentive for buyers to purchase one of these being only half of the price of the iPad. The Kindle has 8gb which is enough to store 80 apps, 800 songs, 10 movies, or 6,000 books, the Nook can store twice the amount of that and is only 50$ more. The Nook is larger and has a lot more features than the Kindle giving it the outmost advantage between the two, but the iPad and Nook are predicted to be head to head. The iPad has a high demand but cannot meet the wants of many people because of the price which can give the Nook a chance for more sales. The iPad is generated through Apple giving it more popularity and quality than other competing companies. The Nook is a cheaper alternative for buyers who want the same features as an iPad just maybe not as fast, precise, or as quality of an experience as the iPad would give them.

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