Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Facebook Friends than Friends in Reality

According to Matthew Brashears, a Cornell University sociologist, we have more friends on Facebook that we don't even confide in than we have in reality. The number of people, people trust has dropped within a quarter century, from 1985-2010. So he's stating that people are becoming less social and have maybe 5 friends that they are friends with on Facebook that they truly can trust. So then why do we have so many friends on Facebook? Is it to show off how many people we know? Is it just a way for people who've only met once to try to expand their friendships beyond that one meeting? Whatever it may be, why are the numbers of friends we truly socialize with dropping? About 2.03% of the people you're friends with on Facebook are people you actually will socialize with outside of school. In prior statistics it was a tad bit over 3%. Maybe Facebook is starting to become an alternative to socializing with people in real life. You can check in on Facebook, update your status, post picture, etc. So why do we even need to worry about conversing with our real friends? Because socializing and the bond between friends are dying. Relationships are being caused to change by this.


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