Thursday, November 3, 2011

McDonald's Doing well in recession

We are in a time were people are worried about how much they spend.  People are cutting back and trying to spend as least as possible.  McDonald's low prices have created incentives for people to eat there.  People have been worried that the recession will continue and any time you can get a good deal people take it.  In the month of October sales rose 5.4 percent for the store.  With the economy down people have been more interested in buying at McDonald's.  The demand for McDonald's has risen and they have been making more money.  People have to weigh the trade offs and decide if they want to save money and eat unhealthy or eat healthy and spend more money.  Most people are choosing the cheaper way and not worrying about how they eat because it is cheap and it is saving them money so why worry about how they eat.  The recession is benefitting McDonald's and is bringing in great profit for them.   

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