Monday, November 7, 2011

LSU Alabama Game Brings In Lots of Money

The LSU Alabama game this weekend was brought up as the "biggest game of the century" and definitely lived up to the hype. Being two of the best programs historically, the clash of these top ranked teams at #1 and #2 created a large incentive to watch the game due to the publicity behind it. LSU had the advantage being top ranked, but they had to travel down to Tuscaloosa creating another advantage for the #2 team, Alabama. Two teams from the SEC which is claimed as the best conference in football made it even a greater incentive to watch. As the game went on 6-6 in the fourth quarter the views even got greater than at the start of the game. At OT the views went to Alabama-LSU averaged 20 million viewers with a national household rating of 11.5, up 161 percent from last year's 4.4 when the teams played. The reason to why the game had more viewers this year was due to the incentive of the winner going to the BCS National Championship and the loser could not. Ticket sales for the game at Alabama were a lot more than any usual game. Due to the high demand and low supply of tickets they raised the price of the tickets up to double the average sale. This created more than double the amount of revenue that they would have generated for a normal game.

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