Thursday, November 3, 2011

iPhone 4S shortages

The iPhone 4S has just recently come out and a lot of people pre-ordered their phones online.  Their were so many people that pre-ordered these phones worldwide that when it came out the phone was in excess demand.  While the phone was released worldwide America would get the more phones than the other countries. Although even though America had the most we are still suffering delays for some people who want the phone and same with the people in other countries.  These shortages of the phones are extremely unexpected and have cause people to become unhappy.  Apple should have known there would have been excess demand for their product and produces more of their good.  Maybe next time that apple releases a new good as big as the iPhone 4s they will have a bigger supply of the good.  


Cole B said...

I agree mostly with what you said. There is such a high demand for the iphone, that without doubt the iphones are in excess demand. However trying to bring the price up is hard for apple because these phone companies have contracts with the consumers witch allow consumers to get upgrades. Because of these upgrades consumers are granted, they can buy the phone at much lower prices. In my opinion the demand is so high because apple has done a very good job at providing incentives that attract consumers. Over the years the demand for iphones has increased greatly.

Victor L said...

Apple absolutely should have expected the amount of preorders to be massive. Apple is the leader of the electronic market atleast on the demand side of things. Apple's main difference from the competition is their huge demand for their products.To not meet the demand and give the consumers what they want is a huge failure on Apple's part. Apple needs to meet their demand to remain a giant in the electronics industry.