Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conniving President?

Herman Cain, you may have heard of him, he is running for President for this upcoming election in 2012. Up to this point he has had a strong running with good intellectual ideas about how to make our economy healthier. But Cain is a buisness man, he is CEO of his own pizza company. This raises some issues, especially with the accusations raised against him. Cain was accused of putting money, which were donations which were supposed to be used for his campaign, and he put them into his company's bank account. This raises some big questions. How do i know if he is serious about running for president or not? If he is, how can i trust him? How can i put the yhands of our economy in the hands of a theif? These are all good questions we need to ask ourselves. It is not right for him to lie to people, and say he is running for president because he wants to help change our nation, but then to steal from people in a sense goes against all ethics. I could never have a president who steals money from people. If he is runing for president for the right reasons and he does truely want to change our economy then he has good ideas and is a serious candidate for some. But i beleive that buisness men are always trying to get the uperhand on their competition, and this is just a stunt for him to try to get his buisness to the top. Buisness men are always trying to improve their buisness, why is he any different. In my case i beleive it would be one of the most unethical decisions our country could make to put Herman Cain in office just based on these simple facts. I could never trust any of his policies, or anything he says, because I would believe that they would be implimented to improve his buisness. Maybe if he resigned from CEO of his company and focused on other pursuits, then I could I take him and his policies more seriously. But for now i just see him as a conniving buisness man, trying to make more money.

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