Monday, November 7, 2011

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Breaking Records

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most anticipated video games ever set to release at midnight tonight. Modern Warfare 3 is a first person shooter produced by Infinity Ward who has created all of the other record breaking COD games. Call of Duty has set the record for the most pre-orders this year. Gamers pre-order Call of Duty so they don't delay the time it takes to get to there house. There is a shortage of Call of Duty games on release day because of such a high demand, so they reserve a copy for paying an extra 5$. Modern Warfare 2 last year sold 4.7 million copies world wide within 24 hours making it the most popular game ever, but this year they hope to top it. Modern Warfare 3 has also created an online membership called Call of Duty Elite. This is an online membership that you can buy for 50$ to get new map packs earlier and better features than regular gamers would get. This creates an incentive for impatient gamers. By creating this online membership Infinity Ward will produce a lot more money rather than just selling the game.

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Cameron said...

I do beleive that mw3 will be an amazing game and that some people will be willing to spend the extra money to buy the game and the extra features that Infinity ward has added to the game. But Modern
Warfare has become such a popular game and so many people play it, i beleive that infinity ward could have just said, it is mandatory fo anrone who wants to buy this game to buy the extra package for you to be able to play online. I beleive that this game is popular enough to still maintain its large fan base and even gain more fans from this. They could be able to expand more, and offer higher level products for this extra pack that they would sell. The fans of this series have been in now for a long time and are willing to stay with the series! The only thing that would happen to infinity ward would be a growing fan base and more revenue. This would be a very positive incentive for ifinity ward to try to do this for its next game, or even to change how they are selling mw3 now.