Monday, November 7, 2011

Bugatti as a Luxury Good

It is no secret that Bugatti cars are some of the most luxurious and exclusive cars in the world.  There are only a handful of Bugatti’s in the world today.  Out of the few Bugatti’s that are made, the Bugatti Veyron could be considered the most exclusive model made.  Since they came out in 2005, there have only been 300 Bugatti Veyron’s sold.  They are so exclusive because of their extremely high prices. In fact, the Bugatti Veyron is currently ranked first as the most expensive car in the world, selling at the price of 2.4 million dollars.  It is also currently ranked first as the fastest passenger vehicle in the world, reaching a top spead of 268 mph. The Bugatti Veyron was also named the car of the decade by the television show "Top Gear." These statistics make the Bugatti Veyron one of the best examples of a luxury good.  Because they are ranked as the most expensive car in the world, it gives it the title of a luxury good.  Bugatti’s and especially the Bugatti Veyron are specifically known for being the million dollar car.  The Bugatti’s never go on sale according to this dealer, so therefore it is another characteristic that makes the Bugatti a luxury good.  All of the characteristics that Bugatti’s are known for give them the reputation of a luxury good.   

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Ryan said...

I like this a lot because of how it really is the most prime example of luxury goods. Bugatti represents a status symbol of nothing more than, what some could call, excessive wealth. Ever since the founding of Bugatti in 1909, the car alone represents the upper class of the world. One thing that further proves this is the fact, like you said, that the Bugatti Veyron isn’t really “sold”, it’s rented. To reach the top speed in the Veyron (204 km/h, or 258 mp/h), one goes through an entire tank of gas, and the rubber of the tires almost completely wears away. If you cough up the dough for this car, Bugatti GIVES you new tires just to test the top speed. Let me remind you, these tires cost over $35,000 for all four tires. The Bugatti you were talking about, Cole, that reaches 268 mp/h, is the Bugatti Super Sport. This 1200 horsepower monster is coming in 2012.