Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Go to Party City?

Party City is known for their wide variety of costumes and decorations. There are currently 700 stores nationwide. During Halloween, the demand for costumes is very high. Prices range from $5 in the clearance section of kids all the way to $60 for a woman’s costumes. That’s not even including the accessories that are necessary for the costume you buy. To me, this price range seems a bit outrageous. However, people still insist on buying a brand new costume for these prices. I don’t see why is it necessary to buy a costume that you will most likely wear once in your life. Why spend these outrageous prices when you can make a fun costume right at your home, using things you can find around the house. Instead of buying a costume at Party City, you can substitute it for a nice homemade costume and save at least half your money. For instance, all you need is some old T-shirts, fabric glue, and a few hours to make an easy owl costume. You could also make a mask for your costume. The mask would only need a couple pieces of construction paper and something to tie it to go around your head. Another creative idea would be a Rubik’s cube. All you need is just a box and some construction paper. Or you could make yourself a superhero! All you need is to wear tights and a graphic felt cape. You can be as creative as you want! Although these might not be your typical and fantastic costumes, these costumes would be fun, creative, unique, and needless to say save you some money.


JonathanW said...

Selina, I agree with your post. The amount of money for a simple costume these days is outrageous. However, for most people, buying a costume and making a costume are trade-offs. Most people would rather spend their money than have to put together a costume that might look poorly made. Many people choose to buy a costume because some people are too busy to make their own costume or do not have the necessary arts and crafts skills to create their own.

RidaB said...

Selina, I definitely agree with what you have to say. Though I have to admit I was guilty of going to Party City for Halloween, the only reason I went was because I waited until the last second for a costume. But it honestly is a lot more fun and so much cheaper to make your costume at home. i made most of my Pikachu costume for spirit week at home and it only cost my about 12 dollars. It was cheap and cute and was paired with a bunch of things I already own. Party City over prices all their costumes and now they have all those different halloween stores which give you a larger variety but they charge you just as much. You would think one of these companies would lower their prices to give people an incentive to shop there but they don't and people still seem to not care and go ahead and buy costumes from there anyways.