Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jay-Z 101: Inside The Georgetown Classroom

In a recent attempt for a teacher at Georgetown to get students to sign up for his classes, he introduces a new class, Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z. His normal classes usually ranged from about 20-30 people. After introducing this class, his class size grew seven times what it had previously been. In economic terms, Jay-Z is an incentive. Because Jay-Z is subject of class and more people sign up, there is more of an incentive to sign up for the class.

Daniel K.


Lauren said...

I think that the teachers idea to get students to join his class was very smart. Using Jay-Z as an incentive has definatly risen the demand to join his class shown though the number of students now attending.

Cassidy Hansen said...

I completely agree with Lauren and Dainel. I think the teachers idea of his incintive for the students was very clever. By usuing a well- known,popular artist as the subject of his sociology class, students desire to join the class has risen immensely. The demand for the class has become 7 times greater than it once was. By the professor coming up with such a prevalent artist such as Jay-Z as the subject of the course, the class has become an exciting, new course for the students to study at Georgetown.