Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiding From the Goverment

Glen Morissette, a 42 year old man, lives on only 11,000 dollars a year. How does he do this? Well, he lives in his R.V full time which requires him to pay no house or apartment payments, car payments, electrical and other types of bills, and so on. So what does this mean for our economy, if this is the direction that people are now taking? This could be a devastating blow to our economy if more and more people keep deciding to live like this. These people fly under the radar not paying taxes, and other payments, that the government uses to help the citizens and wealth of our nation; our economy. People have replied to the post saying,” That’s nothing I live on 8,000 dollars a year.” This lifestyle seems it is slowly rising in population. If we let this happen it could quite possibly lead to another depression. The government, to dispel more people from living this type of lifestyle to help insure the safety of our nation’s wealth, should develop a tax, which would be a high tax for people who live in R.V’s therefore not helping out the government economy. But this also raises trouble, not everyone who live in RV’s have the option to live in it or not. This means that problem has to be taken to the source, the RV dealers. Some law has to be introduced for the RV Dealers to make them discriminate against who buys their product for in essence hiding from the government.

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