Friday, October 7, 2011

Facebook Makes Extreme Changes

Facebook has recently changed the way their site works entirely. Now that they have to compete with sites such as Twitter and Google plus, they need to constantly update their site to keep people interested. They completely changed the way the privacy settings work. Now, people can choose who they want to share what with, which will probably cause people to gravitate to Facebook instead of other sites, because it is in the consumer's own self interest to control who sees what they do. However, some changes like the timeline are looked down upon by some customers. Some people don't want to see everything their friends are doing at the exact moment they are doing it. If Facebook would make getting rid of the timeline an option for customers, more people might want to use Facebook. Facebook makes changes all the time to keep up with the competition in the social networking industry, however, this time they may have gone too far for some of the technologically challenged people out there.

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Dainelle W said...

I agree with your statement that Facebook has gone too far. They are constantly making changes to their homepage in an attempt to keep up with the other social media companies (competitors). On a positive note, Facebook has given consumers an incentive to use their product by updating their privacy settings with more options and ways to keep their information on a more private level. While Facebook is regularly renovating their privacy settings, I believe they should also consider giving their consumers the ability to make their Facebook homepage operate how they want to see it. While this defeats the purpose on creating this resource at all, Facebook could at least give people options about for example simply turning off the timeline on their homepage. Simple changes like these would be another incentive for consumers who find the timeline [among other things] annoying, a reason to stay on Facebook versus switching to another social media site such as Myspace.