Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coca Cola Goes White

In 125 years, the Coke can has never changed colors. Sure, during the SuperBowl, one will see footballs on one side, but there is always the red can with the white insignia. For this year's holiday season, however, Coca Cola cans are going white for the polar bears. I for one can look back fondly on the winter Coke commercials with the polar bears from when I was a child, and now they are trying to save the beloved creature. These white cans give consumers more incentive to buy this holiday season, and demand is expected to rise with these white cans. Also, the company is teaming up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in this endeavor, and is supplying 4.1 billion white Coca Cola cans. Along with this, Coke is donating $2 million and giving consumers incentive to donate by matching all consumer donations up to $1 million, all to the World Wildlife Fund. According to Carter Roberts, WWF's CEO and founder, " Coke has made a kind of foundational commitment that has never before been seen in our history. They're taking their biggest promotional season and dedicating it to this cause." Clearly, Coke is using their always creative and popular marketing skills to a good cause. This is beginning to be desperately needed, as the WWF is attempting to move the polar bears to areas of the Arctic which are less vulnerable to global warming, giving the speicies time to adapt. All this work effort will take a lot of research, which couldn't be accomplished without Coke's generous donation this holiday season. So, consumers, get thirsty and get ready to propose a toast to the polar bears with your white Coke cans.


Christina B said...

Megan, I found this post very interesting. The ultimate goal of consumers is to maximize utility, or happiness. In most cases, people maximize happiness when they buy things and have more “stuff”, so therefore purchasing soda makes most people happy. When consumers purchase soda and know they are helping a good cause, it makes the consumer feel good about purchasing the can, and may even lead them to buy more than they had originally expected. By attaching the good with helping a cause, it gives consumers a bigger incentive to buy the soda and will therefore increase sales. For example, say the consumer wants a can of soda, but they are contemplating whether or not to buy it because they are trying to be healthy. By knowing the cans are helping a good cause, the consumer would be more likely to purchase the soda. This is just one example of how attaching the can to helping a cause could increase sells, and make people feel good about purchasing the soda.
- Christina Bowman

Beys said...

Megan, I really enjoyed reading this post. I had no idea Coca Cola was going to do this to help the polar bears. I believe that they will definitely sell an amazing amount of Coca Cola with or without the white cans, but especially now that they have teamed up with WWF. I feel like Coca Cola is inelastic when it comes to demand because everyone knows and loves cokes amazing taste and tradition. Also, I agree that by using their biggest promotional season to dedicate to polar bear awareness, the incentive is even bigger on the demand for coke this holiday season. I also feel that the change in coke cans color for the first time ever will be an incentive for people to purchase the "new" coca cola product. WIth coke offering to take a profit decrease for a good cause also helps their already outstanding reputation and will definitely carry over after the holiday season. All in all, I cant wait to get thirsty and save the polar bears too!

hunter said...

Megan, I agree with everything you wrote and think you are completley right. I agree with the fact that the white can is an inncentive. The white can is going to make more people want to have it because it helps the polar bears or because they like they way it looks and want to collect it. I think that demand may go up for Coke because of this can. The can might take some people away from there other sodas and make them buy Coke because it is the holiday season and they feel like they are obligated to give back to something. I think that this could be great marketing for Coke because they are changing the can that has always been the same and when things change people intsinctivly have to have the new items. This will result in a rise in profit for Coke.

-Hunter Prater