Monday, October 31, 2011

Bieber Fever is Back

Justin Bieber has been in a bit of a funk. Clearly he is still making muuuch more than a seventeen year old should, but he was huge for a while and now has started kind of mellowing out. To keep his demand up, he not only came out with a Christmas album, he had artists with many different fan bases and had them featured on the album as well, such as, Boys II Men, Usher, Mariah Carey, The Band Perry, and Busta Rhymes. He knew that if he were to increase his supply, he could make more money especially when he basically forced the album to become extremely successful with so many different types of fans he widened the potential realm of the consumers’ self interest. With R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and so many other genres, basically everyone’s self interest is covered and everyone is able to find something that they like. Also, he released one of the songs from the album earlier than all of the others, giving the consumers a little taste of what was to come. Justin is back and I’m sure he’s gonna be bigger than ever.


Cassidy Hansen said...

I completely agree with the idea that he wanted to increase the demand of his album by featuring such famous artists. He looked carefully at what the consumer wanted by covering as many genres as possible thorough each song on the setlist to please the different musical preferences of various consumers. I also agree with justin releasing a song from his new album early. It was a very smart, strategic move to give the consumers who have been waiting forever to hear his new album, a "sneek peak" of whats to come in the near future.

Sydney Dunbar said...

I agree too Nicole, picking artists from a range of genres is really going to help him boost sales for his new album. His newest single out has created a lot of buzz, I know i can't wait to get my hands on that new CD. Hopefully after his latest scandal, his reputation is not hurt too much and he is not looked upon as a bad influence because it could really lower demand for his products.

RidaB said...

I completely agree with the idea that he was trying to release something before hand to give people a taste and reel them in. But I have to disagree on the fact that it fits everyone's tastes. This is specifically only my opinion, and for me I cannot stand JB for the life of me. No matter how amazing the song may sound I can't tolerate his voice so for me he's doing nothing. I also feel like he has a huge fan base that will follow by his side no matter what he does. Sometimes these "Beliebers" can be extreme. As for what you said Nicole I have to agree with most of it. But as for the album being successful I'd say it's all his "Beliebers" being crazy little fan girls.