Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 Top Jobs

For some people a job is just a way to earn a living and something that has to be done. Most of the time people dread going to work. However, some people look forward going to work. A few of these people would be Alisa Hensley, Steph Davis, and Dylan Lauren. Alisa Hensley is a stunt woman. Alisa Hensley falls, crashes, dives, rides, kicks and fights as part of her job. Steph Davis is a rock climber. On a typical day, Steph, will climb up a hundred foot high rock, without any ropes, and then parachute down back to the ground. Although both of these jobs can seem very entertaining and fun, is it really worth the risk? There are so many things that could go wrong. It is possible that either of these two women could break an arm, a leg, or a rib. Or worse, it is a possiblity either could become paralyzed or maybe even result in death. These two women should think at the margin. They should think of the pros and cons of these jobs and see if it is worth the risk. On the other hand, Dylan Lauren has a completely different type of job. Dylan Lauren owns a candy shop, Dylan’s Candy Bar. This candy emporium offers more than just candy. It offers clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and even house wares. Although business is booming for Dylan’s Candy Bar right now, will it always? Candy is a very popular item that almost everyone enjoys. However, it is a known fact, that candy isn’t the best thing to eat all the time. So will people eventually stop buying as much candy? Or will people get tired of always going to the same candy store? These are all risks that Dylan Lauren has to think about. Dylan Lauren just always has to make sure the total revenue from the goods and services the factory produces is greater than the cost of keeping it open.

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Sydney Dunbar said...

I agree that that Hensley and Davis have dangerous jobs, but they increase their utility as well. With so many precautions taken these days, their jobs have also become much safer. The lower amount of people in the workforce looking for these dangerous types of jobs creates a high paying salary for them too. As for Dylan's Candy Bar, I believe will probably have a decrease in income like most businesses these days, but I do not agree that people will become tired of the huge tourist attraction. I have visited the hip candy stores in both Chicago and New York City, and the excess supply of candy there is sure to have me visiting every time I travel to these cities.