Friday, September 23, 2011

Kobe Bryant's Incentive to Play Overseas

Kobe Bryant has recently been thinking of going overseas to play basketball for the Italian team, Virtus Bologna. Kobe's incentive to head over and play is substantial. He has been offered an incredible amount of $6.7 million dollars to play for the team, which could be broken down into a game-by-game type of payment. This means he could leave and come back at any time should the lockout end. This gives him the marginal benefit regardless of his decision. However, there would be some cost as well. If he decided to leave, he would either have to leave his family for a little bit or bring them with him. If he just leaves them, he would have the cost of going one more game each time but being away from his family that much longer. Also, he would have to look at his opportunity costs. A lot of last season he suffered from pain in his knee and had to have it drained numerous times to prevent it from keeping him out. He could easily take the opportunity at hand to take some time off from basketball and rest up. It isn't like he doesn't have to money in his bank account to support his family anyway. Personally, I believe that he shouldn't go overseas. If he stays here, he can stay with his family, take well-deserved time off, as well as keep his title as a lifer for the Lakers. For a person like Kobe, that extra money he would gain by playing overseas is pointless when weighing the missed opportunities he would miss out on, especially considering what he would earn in Italy would only be a quarter of what he would earn this year in the NBA.


DillonS said...

I agree with you that Kobe should not go overseas. To me, I think the costs outweigh the benefits. Going over seas to play seems silly. He does not get to spend a lot of time with his family and it seems like the right the to lay low for a while. 6.7 million dollars is a lot of money, but I don't think that Kobe is struggling financially. I also agree that he should also use this time to heal. Even though he is not a Maverick, it would be sad to see a player of great talent get hurt playing a meaningless game.

JonathanW said...

Ryan, I disagree with your opinion. I believe it would be a great marketing opportunity for one of the most marketable players of all time, Kobe Bryant. There is a chance he could get injured but he could get injured practicing for the upcoming season anyway. If he played the 10 games up there, he would earn several European marketing offers and would increase his brand name even more globally.

Ryan said...

Dillon, I completely agree. To a player like Kobe, 6.7 million is nothing. Nonetheless, he could go over there and get hurt like you said. Excellent points.

Jonathan, I see where you're coming from too. After reading your point of view, I kind of stand neutral on the topic. The marketing advantage is huge, but at the same time, his personal life would be diminished in this time that he could be using to be with his family that he hardly ever gets to be with. All good stuff.