Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Jersey Shore

Everyone knows of the Jersey Shore's fist pumping, binge drinking, and Snooki - all the negative steryotypes brought upon by the hit reality show. It may seem like all these negative implications would lead to a downhill apeal for real estate in the state of New Jearsy, however that is not the case. According to recent polls and amounts of houses sold recently since the show started, the numbers haven't decreased, showing an inelastic demand for the Jersey lifestyle. As the number of seasons increase, the interest in housing at the shore have stayed at a steady pace, not dropping or rising.


Muhummed B. said...

Not to bash this blog or anything, but the cast of Jersey Shore has no affect on real estate in New Jersey. None of the cast members actually live in New Jersey and they only go to "The Shore" during the sumer. One reason that Jersey Shore has no affect on real estate in New Jersey is because the area in which the cast lives, works, and clubs at is located on the shore. The cast lives nowhere near the suburbs, so their actions wont have any affect on people. Also, people now a days are far to busy working to be caught up in the life of reality stars.

If anything, the cast of Jersey Shore has a positive affect to the community dubbed "The Shore". People at home that do watch the reality shore will think that if they go to the shore during the summer that they will have a chance to be broadcasted on nation television. So that means that the tourist will spend money on hotels, drinks, foods and other things such as shopping sprees. This type of publicity will actually add to the shore economy and helping out.

Claire Criss said...

First, thank you for replying to my blog post and for giving your opinion. While I acknowledge that the cast doesn't live in "The Shore" as you've dubbed it, the show is still programming and showing people on "The Shore". Because it is still showing after a few years, I have reason to believe that there are working people still watch the show, whether or not they are affected by it. When we get down to the heart of your responce it seems that you agree with my statement, however you seem to have noticed that the demand for real estate has increased. This very well may be true, still leaving an inelastic demand, however because some people are affected negatively as well as positively, they even out, leaving the demand about the same.